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Welcome to

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 6th Grade Math and

6th Grade Religion



The school's religion theme for the

2013-2014  year is

“Every Person Matters”

By Pope Francis  

  Use this site to find announcements, learn about assignments, and to find helpful documents or links for things we are exploring in our classroom.

  The 2013-2014 school year will be challenging and exciting for St. Mary's 6th grade students.  In math, we are using the Prentice Hall textbook series as a tool to help all of our children achieve success with online help available 24/7.  Our Smart Boards also allow us to offer innovative and creative ways to introduce, explore, and practice new concepts, skills, and application problems, as well as maintain and review prior learning. 

    In religion, the students will follow the struggles and triumphs of the Jewish people in the stories of the Old Testament through Sadlier's We Believe textbook, reading the stories from the Bible, and performing skits based upon these stories.  In addition to reciting the rosary and having prayer services on a regular basis, the students will explore poverty in America, the values of saints, Ben Carson's Gifted Hands, and our Blessed Mother's visitations around the world.  Working together, our goal is to prepare your children for their future, and to develop lifelong learners who share their gifts and talents with others because of their love of God. 

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns at


 Stand training is required for all volunteers.

1.       Go to the St. Mary’s Website

2.       Click on Elementary School

3.       Click on the “STAND Training” link on the left side

4.       A page will come up that explains how to view the video with links on the right side of all of the necessary paperwork, documents, etc.




Thank You Letter for End of Year 
by Kling, Margie
 7/10/2014 11:05 AM

 Class Discussion

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 Shared Documents

End of Year Thank You 2014.docxEnd of Year Thank You 2014Kling, Margie
2014 6th grade final review.docx2014 6th grade final reviewKling, Margie
MY UNIQUE SELF Google Presentation.docxMY UNIQUE SELF Google PresentationKling, Margie
Middle School Policy for Students 2013- 2014.pdfMiddle School Policy for Students 2013- 2014Kling, Margie
6th Grade Religion Policy 2013-2014.pdf6th Grade Religion Policy 2013-2014Kling, Margie
Meet the Teacher 2013-2014.pdfMeet the Teacher 2013-2014Kling, Margie

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